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  • Dancers

  • Ballet-related injuries

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Foot/ankle

  • Neck

  • Thoracic spine (mid back)

  • Ribcage

  • Low back

  • SI (Sacroiliac) joint

  • Shoulder

  • Chronic pain

Dr. Stephanie Schultz, PT, DPT

Certified STOTT Pilates Rehab Instructor in Mat & Reformer

I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Pacific University in Oregon, following a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon where I majored in Human Physiology and minored in Dance. My interest in physical therapy stemmed from my love of ballet and movement. I started ballet classes when I was in the first grade, and continued dancing through high school and undergrad. The health field became of interest to me when I was in middle school, as I liked learning about anatomy and loved the idea of helping people. Originally thinking about becoming a doctor, I transitioned my career choice to physical therapy, liking the idea of being able to spend more time with my patients and build relationships, as well as being involved in a career where movement was a focus. 


I have worked in various outpatient physical therapy clinics throughout Oregon, before recently moving to Seattle. I have worked with a wide range of patients facing acute injuries, as well as chronic pain. 

I started Pilates rehab training early on in my career and became a Certified STOTT Pilates Rehab Instructor in Mat & Reformer in 2013. The education I have received over the years from Melanie Byford-Young, an innovator in the creation of the rehabilitation program through STOTT Pilates, has been career-changing. Pilates Rehab is not just doing Pilates exercises with patients. It has taught me a more in-depth way of analyzing a person’s movement and I’ve learned to use specific exercises and props to ensure proper muscle activation and movement patterns. I love finding the connecting points of dysfunction. For example, a person may have neck pain, but it may be due to dysfunction around the shoulder girdle, which may also be impacted from a shift in the ribcage or a rotation in the pelvis!

I am passionate about educating my patients and helping them to understand how their body should move and function. I like to figure out the ‘why’ of a person’s pain, where I work to find the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. I understand that every person who comes into the clinic is different, and that each person has a unique movement dysfunction that likely set them up for the condition that led them to physical therapy in the first place. I treat each person as an individual. I care very much for the well-being of my patients and want them to have the best experience possible, where they truly feel heard and cared for. 


I am an Oregon native and am now enjoying new adventures in Washington with my partner, Brett. I trained in ballet for 17 years and I very much enjoy the Performing Arts. I also enjoy traveling, exploring, finding good places to eat, going for long walks, and spending time with loved ones.