Your body functions as a system, so we train it that way. Pain, injury and muscle imbalances create compensations in your body.

We use Pilates-based rehabilitation to re-train your brain how to move efficiently and pain free. Read more about our treatment approach here.

All appointments are one hour one-on-one with Doctors of Physical Therapy.


Initial Evaluation


  • For all new clients or those experiencing a new injury.

  • A thorough evaluation includes detailed review of medical history, range of motion and strength testing, neurological screening, and movement assessment.

  • A treatment plan will be established based on evaluation findings and patient goals.

  • Home exercise program will be assigned to start your rehab program.




  • Treatment sessions may include some or all of the following:

    • Manual therapy: skilled, hands-on treatment to address joint, soft tissue, and fascial restrictions.

    • Neuromuscular re-education: hands-on facilitation to correct movement patterns.

    • Functional exercise: specific, targeted exercises based on your needs and goals.

  • Patient education: you will always know the what, how and why of each session, and leave with specific tasks to work on in between PT appointments that are crucial to help you reach your goals.